Kevin’s Juice Cleanse Diary

I haven’t gone through a juice fast in over ten years, back then I would do the Seneca Juice Fast every six months or so. What I really liked about the seven day juice cleanse was both how it made me feel (healthy and clear) and the exercise of self-control by not eating for three days and limiting what I ate for four. To be clear I like to eat nearly everything and do not regularly limit myself so I count the two days of limited food options, raw greens and fruit, leading up to the three days of actual fasting and the subsequent two days after. What I found challenging was the effort required to prepare a full day of juices in the morning. The juicing, the cleaning out of the juicer, the juicing again, the cleaning out again and so on which ultimately lead to my 10 year sabbatical from juicing. I also had the tendency to juice incorrectly, too liberally or downright irresponsibly. One time I unknowingly used way too many cloves of garlic in my juice and being committed to the fast went ahead and drank it making me a social puria. Needless to say my juices were anything but good.

So when my girlfriend suggested we try the Pressed Juicery offering I was totally on board. They prepare the juices so the whole morning preparation thing is taken care of. They have mastered the formulations to be palette friendly (and socially), the juices taste great. And they coach you through the regiment. Other than not eating they take care of all the hard stuff that goes into a cleanse.

So for the most part the juice cleanse was what I expected. I became a little light headed, some detox headaches but nothing severe, was tired the second and third day and yes I had to pee…a lot. If you are planning a cross-country road trip or 8 hour overseas flight, I suggest you wait as you do need to make many trips to the head.

The only thing that did not go well for me was the end and it was my own fault. As I mentioned there is the pre and post period of the fast. I did the pre and skipped the post, the two day process coming out of the fast. I went straight to a hot dogs with mac & cheese dinner (spinach too) that I enjoyed way too much with my kids and I was laid low, very low. My energy was gone, sucked up into my belly taking on this unexpected meal, the rest of the evening and night I was in a semi-comatose state and my stomach felt extremely bloated. If you do the cleanse fast, respect the entire process and no short cuts.

Otherwise the experience was great! Pressed Juicery has removed the challenges to juicing with convenience and flavors that delight.

-Kevin Williams

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