Eco Grilling

It’s Labor Day weekend already!  Summer time came late here in New England, and lucky us… ’cause sukiscoop got a late start, too!  But it’s never too late to use these eco summer finds.  So without further delay…enjoy!

Summer time is grill-time, but the question for any “eco-griller” is this: charcoal or gas?

Even though I consider myself a responsible consumer and an educated one, I’m a diehard “charcoaler.” I just can’t resist the taste and smell of those little squares, the mesquite, the fire…even though it takes FOREVER and, indeed, there are some toxic consequences. Gas grilling, for me, just can’t compare.  For some, the allure of the stainless-steel outdoor kitchen, the easy, speedy appeal of the quick fire is hard to resist but hey, propane and natural gas are nonrenewable resources that contribute a few chemicals of their own.  What to do, what to do?

Well, our world is full of options and I found this cool website that will elevate your BBQ IQ so you can make your own educated choice.

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